About Us

QUICK RIDE is an intermediary application that connects passengers to drivers, and drivers to passengers.

We provide services based on the principle of equality, while the fare rates we use in our app are based on the fare rates that the government has set for Taxi services in 2015.

We understand your busy lifestyle. So to make sure you can get the fastest and best service.

If you want to book a transportation service, please make your reservation now, fellow drivers have long been ready to serve you.

Real Time Tracking

We understand the frustration you often feel when you have to wait a long time for a trip. So with our real -time tracking feature, you can track the exact location and time for a trip arrival

Payment Mode

We provide 3 different payment modes such as cash payment, credit card or via e-wallet, we ensure that the payment process is easy.

How to use the Application

• Download & Install Applications on your smartphone.
• Register in the Application.
• Choose your destination.
• Connect with drivers near you.
• Select the type of service you want.
• Make your reservation.
• Get your ride.
• Reach your destination.
• Make payments
• Thank you

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